Let's start at the beginning.

It is fair to say that the origin of Azul Maya dates back to 1996.

I am originally from Mérida Yucatán, Mexico. And I fell in love with Belgium in 1996.

Indeed, that year I stayed 6 months in Torhout, West Flanders. A period that gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and to forge solid friendships.

Afterwards, Belgium continued to be generous with me: a wonderful husband, a fantastic family and more than 20 years of enriching professional experience as a financial analyst.

Now we have the ambition to give something back.

We would like to bring to Belgium something authentic that we know well: the manual talent of Mayan craftsmen. The traditional gesture combined with the inventiveness of the craftsman guarantees pieces with a special identity and unique charm.

We believe in the value of traditional craftsmanship to combine:

  • Singularity and elegance
  • Natural materials and durability
  • Humanistic values

But also and above all, high quality. A quality to which, we believe, are entitled our customers.

Bearing this ambition in mind, we found a partner in Yucatán who is committed to providing us with high quality artisanal products. High material quality, but also high human quality, as we know how important this aspect is for our customers.

That is how we are able to offer you Fair Trade certified item. Creations that are emblems of a beautiful project that seeks to give Mayan artisans the place they deserve in the world.